Saturday, April 9, 2011

Here for the afternoon

Early this morning, after leaving a very memorable GeekFight Quiz Night at Quantum Cafe, some of the bookworms therein headed over to Cubao X. After staying till the early morning, I returned about an hour ago to continue my Twitter updating from Libreria. Nothing much has changed except that there are only about half the people, the cast has changed slightly, and slowly but surely people have made inroads into the food.

So I'm coming on board, foregoing a book launch which book bloggers have not, to my knowledge, been invited, and, like the proverbial fly on the wall, watching and hopefully coming up with more to say here, and on Twitter. (Follow me at @renaguila.)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Halfway mark!

The Readathon Wall. The Readathoners update their status on the library cards.

It's 9AM here in the Philippines, and the readathoners are recovering from a night of reading, eating, and drinking. And some sleeping.

Here's what happened in the last 12 hours:

  • Leading the readathoners is Blooey, with 5 books read, totalling 589 pages. She's pledged 10 books for every 100 pages to Kythe Foundation, an organization for pediatric cancer patients, so she now owes Kythe 50 books.
  • Readathoners Marie, Kristel, Triccie, Cecille, Gege, Mike  interspersed reading and eating in the early hours, while Joseph and Veronica, together with non-readathoners/cheerleaders Czar and Maan, interspersed reading with drinking.:) All in all, everyone was having fun.
  • Gege raffled off a book every hour until 5AM. She used to generate a number and the readathoner reading a page closest to the number won the raffle. So far, 9 books have been given out.
  • A little before 8AM, the remaining readathoners trooped off to Butter Diner to have breakfast. After breakfast, a few people had to head on home or to other events, such as Joseph and Kristel. Others went home to get some shuteye and much needed baths. 
  • Right now, the following people at Libreria are Peter, Blooey, Gege, Cecille, Triccie, and Honey, reading, covering books, eating, and talking. 

This readathon has actually morphed into a readathon/eat-a-ton/drinkathon. So, if you're free and in the vicinity, do come and join the fun! At time of writing, there are 11 more hours to go.:)

Here at the Readathon!

Some of the Readathoners
Yep, the first FFP 24 Hour Readathon has been up and running for the past 3 and a half hours. Why only an update now? Well, I only arrived now, after a truly hectic conference. But that's another story...

So, apologies to the ones waiting for updates (and to fellow Readthoners who were waiting for me here in Libreria). But, people are here, reading and eating. And Ajie covering books with Gauge 5 plastic--a religious experience for her, according to husband Don. Thus, half into this third hour of the readathon, I thank everyone who's here and welcome all who are joining us!

These are the people who were here since the start at 9PM:

And the ones who came after:

  • Joseph
  • Mike
  • Maan
  • Ajie and Don, with kids Nikolai and Isobel
  • Honey

And the ones who dropped by and left before it started:

Right now, we're continuing with the reading and eating. And if you've been reading along with us, do post a link to your blog updates below!