Friday, April 8, 2011

Halfway mark!

The Readathon Wall. The Readathoners update their status on the library cards.

It's 9AM here in the Philippines, and the readathoners are recovering from a night of reading, eating, and drinking. And some sleeping.

Here's what happened in the last 12 hours:

  • Leading the readathoners is Blooey, with 5 books read, totalling 589 pages. She's pledged 10 books for every 100 pages to Kythe Foundation, an organization for pediatric cancer patients, so she now owes Kythe 50 books.
  • Readathoners Marie, Kristel, Triccie, Cecille, Gege, Mike  interspersed reading and eating in the early hours, while Joseph and Veronica, together with non-readathoners/cheerleaders Czar and Maan, interspersed reading with drinking.:) All in all, everyone was having fun.
  • Gege raffled off a book every hour until 5AM. She used to generate a number and the readathoner reading a page closest to the number won the raffle. So far, 9 books have been given out.
  • A little before 8AM, the remaining readathoners trooped off to Butter Diner to have breakfast. After breakfast, a few people had to head on home or to other events, such as Joseph and Kristel. Others went home to get some shuteye and much needed baths. 
  • Right now, the following people at Libreria are Peter, Blooey, Gege, Cecille, Triccie, and Honey, reading, covering books, eating, and talking. 

This readathon has actually morphed into a readathon/eat-a-ton/drinkathon. So, if you're free and in the vicinity, do come and join the fun! At time of writing, there are 11 more hours to go.:)

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