When is the FFP 24 Hour Read-a-thon?

The first FFP 24 Hour Read-a-thon will be held on April 8-9, 2011. The read-a-thon will start at 9PM on April 8  and will end at 9PM on April 9.

Where will it be held?

The first read-a-thon venue will be at Libreria, Cubao X. Libreria is a comfy and charming indie bookstore at the heart of Cubao X. Lighting is warm, couches are comfy, and coffee is free-flowing.

Who can join the read-a-thon?

Anyone in the Philippines can join.

How do I join the read-a-thon?

Check out the sign-up post and join there. Then again, the Read-a-thon is also open to walk-ins. As in, you can  just walk-in Libreria on that day and decide to join.

Do I have to stay the full 24 hours?

Not at all. Some hardcore people will stay the full 24 hours, but you can choose how much time you're willing to devote to the read-a-thon. Of course, it's more fun if you spend more time with us. We will be updating this blog from the venue during the read-a-thon, so the longer you stay, the more updates you'll be in.

Do I have to spend the full 24 hours reading?

No. And even if you stay for only a few hours, you don't need to have your nose stuck in a book all that time. You can take breaks, and there'll be mini-challenges. Also, since we're reading in one venue, you can take some time off from reading to chitchat with your fellow read-a-thoners.

What do I get out of joining the read-a-thon?

To be honest, nothing. Just the joy and exhilaration of meeting other voracious readers, reading with them, and spending a devoted time to just curl up and read a book or ten. But if you decide to read for a cause, then you, and someone else, will get something more out of it.

Can I join the read-a-thon even if I can't physically make it to the venue?

Although the FFP 24 Hour Read-a-thon is primarily face-to-face, we are open to including participants who really can't make it to the venue. In this case, participants can update online and leave links on this blog.

Can I come to the venue even if I don't plan to join the read-a-thon?

Since the venue is a public place, then yes, you can come and watch people read and even cheer them on. But feel free to join us, too, even for just a little while.

Do we read to support any cause?

You have the option to support a cause or not. Some read-a-thoners commit to donating a certain amount to an institution of their choice for every book or number of pages read. Or they look for sponsors who can donate a book for every book the read-a-thoner has read during the read-a-thon. The point is, you can tailor the read-a-thon to suit your needs and preferences.

Is there a limit to the number of books I should read if I join the read-a-thon?

No limit. And no minimum, either. You can read dozens of really short books or just one really long one. Or you can mix and match. You decide on your own goals for the read-a-thon.

What are mini-challenges?

Mini-challenges are games and activities to give the read-a-thoners, especially the hardcore ones, a break from their reading. They are optional, however, so if a read-a-thoner doesn't feel like joining one, then he/she doesn't have to.

Are there going to be prizes?

Yes, there will be. Nothing big, mind you, but they're prizes nonetheless.:)

If I join the FFP Read-a-thon, can I still join Dewey's Read-a-thon? Or vice-versa?

Yes, by all means, you can. If, that is, you feel up to staying up a full 48 hours. Dewey's Read-a-thon begins at 8PM on April 9 here in the Philippines, which is the last hour of the FFP 24 Hour Readathon. In any case, since this read-a-thon is in connection with Dewey's, we will be sending them updates so they can also mention it during the Dewey's Read-a-thon.